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Development of the industry economy

Most industries in the five European countries with the strongest economies are experiencing significant declines in consumer interest. The exception is the consumer goods industry in DE, IT, FR, ESP, and GR. Compared to March 2019, interest in goods in March 2020 is up significantly across countries (+37%). The Fast Consumer Goods industry is one of the few that experienced an upswing during the crisis. Interest in these goods increased by 52% year-on-year in March 2020.

The Corona pandemic as an external factor was a decisive accelerator for the transformation to an online marketplace. However, the growing interest and sales figures in e-commerce pose a challenge for the industry. This is because environmental issues are being triggered in parallel, making the industry a critical variable in terms of sustainability.

  • Sustainability and health engage consumers and determine purchasing behavior
  • Data insights are becoming more and more important and are developing into possible competitive advantages in marketing
  • Focus is on securing the supply chain to ensure delivery capability (risk management)