Company acquisition – Finding the best targets

Buying companies means external growth through the acquisition of competitors, the acquisition of know-how and new technologies, or expansion into new markets and countries through the takeover of local companies – the acquisition of companies is a central component in the strategic development of many successful companies.

HANSE Consulting is your partner for dynamic medium-sized companies, financial investors and investment companies in the development of sustainable acquisition and buy-and-build strategies as well as the implementation of complex acquisition processes. We combine high expertise from numerous acquisition mandates with our practical business understanding from many post-merger processes and restructuring projects. In combination with our extensive industry expertise and global presence through the Grant Thornton network, we identify suitable expansion opportunities for strategic buyers and financial investors worldwide.

Finding target companies for company acquisition – in-depth market analysis and discreet approach by our experts

On the basis of a customized acquisition strategy, we work with the customer to determine a search criteria (including company size, profitability, market positioning, technical expertise) and conduct targeted market research. Thanks to our comprehensive industry expertise, we quickly identify potential opportunities in the market. The identified potential target companies are specifically screened for fit and sustainable profitability by means of a detailed target screening, thus enabling an accurate selection of suitable targets.

By discreetly approaching the respective decision-makers of the target company, we find out in closed discussions about a possible willingness to sell on the part of the shareholders and contact them with the utmost confidentiality. Through years of experience from a multitude of negotiations and transactions, we have the necessary intuition to empathize with the situation of our conversational partner and to conduct the discussions in a target-oriented manner.

Risk minimization – realistic identification of synergies and early post-merger integration

In addition to identifying opportunities in the market and suitable target companies, minimizing the risk from company acquisitions is one of our goals in any acquisition process. However, in-depth and targeted due diligence not only serves to identify any risks in good time, but also to realistically quantify potential synergy effects and prepare the integration of the target into your organization at an early stage. Here, our broad experience from change processes helps to mitigate the identified risks in the further process and to actively manage the employees and corporate culture. Takeovers have often failed in retrospect because the employees of the target company were not brought along at an early stage and, for example, important employees and expertise left the company.

The rapid integration of companies, processes and employees makes a decisive contribution to the sustainable success of an acquisition. We actively involve the management and the second management level of the target company in the integration process at an early stage. Our holistic approach and extensive experience ensure that corporate acquisitions successfully accelerate the development of your company and that the identified synergy potentials are safely realized.

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