Logistics & Transport

Development of the industry economy

Logistics is one of the largest economic sectors in Germany after the automotive industry and trade. The control of flows of goods and information, as well as the transport of goods and their storage, are important economic functions. Across all sectors, around 268 billion euros in sales were generated in 2020. This means that performance in the economic sector declined by 6 percent due to the influences of the Corona pandemic. Growth of 4.4 percent is expected for 2021.

However, the industry is undergoing a major transformation. Logistics 4.0 and the associated use of innovative technologies for supply chains, digital networking of the supply chain, or multichannel logistics are challenges that the industry will have to face in the coming years. 

  • Artificial intelligence & autonomous logistics as a decisive competitive advantage
  • Forwarders become strategic partners through digital networking
  • Multichannel logistics to avoid delays and optimize logistics processes