IBR – Business concepts according to individual requirements

HANSE Consulting is commissioned to prepare an IBR (Independent Business Review) when a significant part or all stakeholders are uncertain about the economic situation and the strategy of parts of the company, but the crisis has not yet escalated. Sometimes shareholders or investors are not as close to the business as the company management itself so that in case of unexpected developments an additional need for information arises faster than the management. The management too can commission an assignment e.g. when the company’s own goals have not been achieved and HANSE Consulting is assigned to review the business model or parts of it.

An IBR (Independent Business Review) is prepared for each company individually – occasions can be the following situations

If, for example, individual lines of business, divisions, or sales channels have not achieved their earnings targets, or individual cost types have risen unexpectedly, and thus overall negative developments have reached a level, then a review can be prepared by an independent party, i.e. an IBR.

The content, focus, and degree of detail are determined individually on the basis of the known deviations with the affected stakeholders. The analysis and evaluation of the business model and the plausibility check of existing planning calculations or their preparation, which depict the goals and future development of the company, are always included in the scope of the Independent Business Reviews prepared by HANSE Consulting.

Based on our process models for business analysis and strategy development, which have been tested many times and continuously developed over the past 25 years, we define the focal points from the adjacent range of topics together with our customers and stakeholders.

Are the markets really attractive enough to justify the planned commitment?

We address this question with our in-house research team and thus regularly increase transparency in submarkets as well. Please also read our project report.

Are the prospects of success of the planned measures realistically assessed?

With our team of consultants, who also regularly have to turn their concepts into reality, we succeed in systematically assessing opportunities and risks.

Together with the Warth & Klein Grant Thornton network, we offer you a scope of services that also meets international requirements and includes professionally organized services.

We respond to your individual requirements. We will be happy to inform you personally in more detail about our offer for your needs.
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