Turnaround Management

Tackling the crisis with determination – Restructuring

We are your partner for comprehensive and holistic management consulting in all situations requiring restructuring.

Our goal: Restore profitability in the short term. We won’t leave you out in the cold!

Just a moment ago the sun was shining, everything was fine. Then a first violent gust and the storm breaks. Your company has run into heavy weather and suddenly everything is different. Especially if this is the first severe storm you have to steer your company through, many new challenges come your way.


Cash is king – that is well known. But what if cash becomes scarcer and the king is threatened. Even if many things are theoretically clear, it is good to have an experienced pilot at your side now with Hanse Consulting, who helps you to ensure that your company does not run aground. Familiar business partners on your financier side are suddenly no longer there for you, and you have to explain your maneuvers to more critical financiers from an unfamiliar point of view. Customers and suppliers become more cautious and must remain convinced that they can do good business with you.

And then there are the critical voices from within the company. Can the management get the ship back on track for success? High performers, in particular, might wonder whether they are on a sinking ship and whether they would be better off abandoning it. An experienced crisis manager from Hanse Consulting at your side, who knows the pitfalls of communication in this situation and supports you, helps to keep the confidence of your employees – even if they may have to accept restrictions – and to carry out restructuring only in those areas where it is necessary.

Now that the ship is ready and the sails have been hauled in, the first thing to do is to continue maneuvering in the storm. The way to productive waters must be found. And the ship must be brought there by the fastest route.

Find the best fishing grounds and the most suitable nets to catch big fish again with the experts from Hanse Consulting. We help you navigate there. Even if this is not the first storm you have to steer your company through, a crisis is an extreme situation for company management. No two crises are the same. Hanse Consulting’s support can help you stay on top of things and navigate around mistakes lurking in the new situation.