Managing the corporate crisis – securing liquidity

We get to know most of our customers during an earnings crisis. During initial analysis, it then often quickly becomes apparent that liquidity has already become very tight, and the question of a possible of insolvency isn’t far away. Managing the company crisis then means first of all creating transparency about the room for maneuver that still exists and negotiating with all stakeholders of the company in order to expand this room for maneuver.

For us, creating transparency in a corporate crisis means:

Together with our customers – with you – to create resilient planning of short-term liquidity (please see our news article: Efficient liquidity planning as part of the overall integrated planning ) with our flexible, easy-to-use, and proven controlling tools and to check the solvency. For this purpose, we naturally work together with our clients’ specialist lawyers and, if required, with lawyers from our network.

Negotiations with your suppliers, financiers, and customers, in which we can support you, often follow in order to create liquidity and time for the analysis of the causes of the crisis and the conception of measures to overcome them sustainably.

Stages of the corporate crisis

  • How extensive is the corporate crisis?
  • Is it a temporary situation triggered by serious individual events or temporary economic developments?
  • Or is it a deeper strategy and stakeholder crisis?

We identify the scope and stage of the crisis by analyzing the earnings and liquidity development of the business units and planning calculations that take proper account of developments and forecasts.

For us, managing the crisis then means managing the way out of the crisis.

With a controlling and measures management that is optimally adapted to the individual crisis and leads your company back to success!

Your team from HANSE Consulting is at your disposal!
Dr. Thomas Zubke-von ThünenAndreas Lau and Dr. Armin Bratz