Distressed M&A – The helper in need

The sale or purchase of companies in crisis (= distressed M&A) is a special challenge. Corporate transactions in crisis and restructuring situations, and especially in the case of insolvencies, are subject to high time pressure. In addition, there is an abundance of different, often diverging interests of various parties involved (including shareholders, creditors, financing partners, employees, investors), which leads to a considerably dynamic environment. As a leading restructuring consultant for the German SME sector, it is part of HANSE Consulting’s daily business to find a balance between strongly diverging interest groups and stakeholders within a tight timeframe. Taking into account the different interests, we thus achieve optimal solutions thanks to our extensive expertise. We advise companies, their management, and shareholders as well as trustees, insolvency administrators, financial investors, and strategic buyers.

Sale in the crisis – Many roads lead to distressed M&A

Distressed M&A combines a wealth of different situations and occasions for transactions. These can be classic cases of companies in sales and earnings crises that threaten their existence (transferred restructuring), situations close to insolvency and sustained liquidity crises, or the sale after an insolvency petition has been filed. But they also include the sale or acquisition of non-profitable divisions (carve-outs) or companies in special situations such as severe shareholder crises due to strongly diverging interests and the sale on behalf of trustees.

Distressed M&A – Since 1995 we have been proactively solving crisis situations through M&A

Since 1995, HANSE Consulting has specialized in the support and successful resolution of crisis situations and special situations. The cooperation of experienced restructuring experts with M&A professionals ensures a closely timed, efficient, and professional process as well as creative solutions for complex interests and creates significant added value for our clients. Especially in such time-critical and tense situations, our restructuring-specific M&A expertise, as well as our wealth of experience as a leading restructuring consultancy, enables us to solve comprehensive business, operational and financial issues and conflict situations in a results-oriented manner for the stakeholders involved. An important goal is to show our clients options for action and to enable them to proactively manage and master crisis situations and to successfully conclude transactions. The goals are often to preserve the assets of the shareholders, to secure the existence of the company, to reduce the liability of shareholders, or to preserve jobs.

HANSE Consulting has been working closely with leading insolvency administrators for more than 25 years. Thus, we have the entire toolbox at our disposal to find the best possible transaction structures and use all available instruments such as transferred reorganization by sale, planned and regular insolvency, self-administration, or even modern instruments such as the “StaRUG procedure” in a custom-fit manner. We always proceed individually with our interdisciplinary team.

In addition, we have an extensive network of personal contacts to financing partners, bank restructuring experts, financial investors, or family offices. This ensures short communication channels, efficient discussions, and a high probability of closing.

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Stefan Kleiner and Stefan Eggers