PMI Post-Merger Integration – Bringing together what now belongs together

Particularly in the case of a strategic acquisition, the integration of the transaction object into one’s own organization and the opening up of one’s own organization to the newcomers determines whether the targeted synergies and returns are achieved. The scope and duration of the PMI (post-merger integration) process can depend to a large extent on the decision about the depth of the integration (does the division of labor change fundamentally, which systems are to be standardized, where is it “only” about a uniform set of rules).

HANSE Consulting has extensive expertise in the design and implementation of PMI processes. Our competencies in the execution of due diligence projects and corporate restructuring make us your ideal partner from the beginning of the process and also in distressed PMI (post-merger integration) processes.

HANSE Consulting ensures professional conception and implementation, which is essential and indispensable.

Even the best deal can turn into a failure if post-merger integration is not successful. Inadequate PMI processes, for example, pose the risk of painful revenue losses due to customer churn, employee uncertainty, and even the loss of important employees and know-how. For this reason, comprehensive and quantitative controlling of the PMI process and a focus on controlling the economic goals directly targeted by the integration is an essential component of our implementation management.

THE HANSE Consulting PMI (Post-Merger Integration) Process Model – how integration and mergers succeed

Early and thorough preparation of the PMI process is elementary for the success of a transaction. HANSE Consulting divides the PMI process into three essential phases:

  • Development of the joint business model
  • Development of a detailed integration concept
  • Subsequent closely supervised implementation

This is flanked by an overarching integration management system and a coordinated communications strategy.

Our experienced staff and industry experts not only accompany the creation of models and concepts, involving employees as early as confidentiality allows, but also stand for the active implementation of the joint concepts on site. In addition to focusing on the commercial objectives of the transaction, our main focus is on clear and continuous communication of the progress of the integration and stringent implementation management that supports the merging of different corporate cultures.