Turnaround concepts and restructuring concepts – strategy development in the crisis

The earnings situation has deteriorated and you are wondering whether your proven turnaround concepts and strategies also show you a good way forward?

Economic developments have reduced the scope for action. Perhaps, for example, investment and development budgets have been cut with the well-known consequences for productivity and competitiveness.

What concepts and measures do you use to achieve a turnaround?

Our restructuring and turnaround concepts are based on a sound analysis of business models, losses and earnings and liquidity trends, and their causes. The development and prospects of the strategic business areas, product, and customer segments are the starting point for designing the restructuring measures.

What constitutes strategy development in this context? What do turnaround concepts look like in a crisis?

Our turnaround and restructuring concepts have to work because there is often no scope for negative deviations. A conservative and risk-oriented conception of measures that takes into account the liquidity and earnings situation is therefore typical. A focus on measures that fundamentally improve the economic situation is therefore also typical of restructuring concepts. Are all sites profitable and is capacity needed for the sales that can realistically be achieved? Does the pricing strategy lead to optimum earnings?

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How can the turnaround succeed with the existing team?

The development of measures by and with our own team, supported by our restructuring experts (keyword: coaching) creates the necessary involvement and commitment from the very beginning.

The professional and appropriate evaluation of all measures in terms of their impact on liquidity and earnings and their effects on cost structures makes the concept manageable. The mapping of the measures in an integrated planning calculation must then show whether the package of measures is sufficient for the turnaround.

The action plan with quantitative action targets and the corporate planning are the core of the restructuring concept and the beginning as well as the basis of the turnaround management and controlling of the turnaround process.

Why HANSE Consulting?

Consulting is implementation – success-oriented – this claim stands for the DNA of Hanse Consulting. Our consultants are distinguished by many years of experience in the development and implementation of restructuring concepts. With their professional experience in direct employment and interim assignments, they bring with them the practical relevance with which realistic concepts succeed. We see ourselves as a team of practitioners and managers who know the operational reality of medium-sized companies from practical experience.

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