About Us

Business Consulting Since 1995


We are HANSE Consulting, a business consulting firm that has been successfully consulting medium-sized companies since 1995 and has worked on more than 800 projects. Since 2018, we have been affiliated with the Warth & Klein Grant Thornton AG. This has allowed us to further improve our performance – especially internationally. If needed, we can call in a colleague from the Grant Thornton network, which is comprised of professionals coming from over 135 countries.

Our Service Portfolio

No matter whether you require our restructuring, performance improvement, M&A or interim management services, we have got you covered with a wide range of tools, methods and professionals suitable for a large number of different projects.

We mostly cater to medium-sized industrial enterprises as well as wholesalers and specialized service providers.

The Basis of Our Approach to Consulting

Our approach to consulting is based on many years of experience in consulting industrial companies as well as all of our partners having a sound knowledge of all industry sectors. Our performance makes a convincing case to our customers insofar that more than 80 % of customers commission us to implement the concepts that we have developed together.

Every company is different. In order to achieve all goals that were set in a first plan, the consultant must have a vast skill set, strong leadership skills and a sound methodological knowledge. They also need to be able to conduct appropriate analyses and use efficient tools.

To be truly successful, we seek to establish a relationship of trust and cooperativeness between us and our clients.

HANSE Consulting keeps companies running!