HANSE Consulting Guidelines

Team performance

The consultants of HANSE Consulting have gained many years of practical experience in line and management functions of companies before joining us. The HANSE Consulting guidelines stipulate that all core services are provided by our own employees. The analytical strength and own implementation experience of our employees lead to a valid observation of the actual situation and, based on this, to concepts that can be implemented.

Strength of implementation is crucial according to the HANSE Consulting guidelines

Consistent implementation of our concepts is a core of our philosophy. We implement our concepts together with our customers, the management team. We stand by our concepts and also offer success-based fees in the implementation. Change is often not pleasant – we bring the results “to the point” – even the unpleasant ones.

Quality, quality, quality

At HANSE Consulting, the partner responsible for the project works intensively on the projects and is thus not only your contact partner but also ensures the quality. We work according to the motto “class instead of mass” – we reject projects that we cannot deliver. Our consulting quality is also proven by our references.