Our sector expertise

Services, for the requirements of your industry 

Industry expertise and service competence are two sides of the same coin. Great management consulting offers both.

HANSE Consulting has developed and proven its industry expertise in the joint development and implementation of a variety of strategy and business concepts with its medium-sized entrepreneur clients. For us, the focus is on what counts for the entrepreneur:

  • How will the sector, the very specific relevant segment evolve?
  • How attractive and unique are the products?
  • What is the value for our customers?
  • How do we differentiate ourselves from the competition?

We support you in aligning the entire company, its processes and structures with the requirements of the industry. That’s why our services are always tailored to the requirements of your industry.


Supplier industry, automotive trade, workshops & tire trade, special vehicle construction etc.

Chemistry & Pharma

Chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, medical technology, chemical and pharmaceutical trade, etc.

Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering, plant engineering, toolmaking, metal processing, shipbuilding / subcontracting, etc.

Real Estate & Construction

Real estate project development, building construction and civil engineering, ancillary construction and trade etc.