Chemistry & Pharma

Development of the industry economy

The chemical-pharmaceutical industry is the third-largest industrial sector in Germany after the automotive and mechanical engineering industries. The pharmaceutical industry is an important part of the chemical industry and is one of the most productive and research-intensive industries in Germany. Pharmaceuticals account for more than 20 percent of total chemical production.

The Corona pandemic had a negative impact on individual sectors of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry in 2020. However, the industry was able to recover slightly in some areas, and increases in industry sales of a good 5 percent from 189.6 billion euros to around 200 billion euros are forecast for 2021.

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  • Vaccine development in record time during the Corona pandemic (pharmaceutical companies such as BioNTech benefit extremely).
  • Big Data and Artificial Intelligence offer new opportunities for research, development and production (Chemistry 4.0/ Healthcare 4.0)
  • Digitalization is an ongoing trend, as it is everywhere, and is having a major impact on the industry (e.g. health apps / mobile health) – see the following graphic for more information:

Industry News

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