Strategies for growth and earnings – strategy development


Strategy development is a classic management task since without a market-oriented (corporate) strategy, it is not possible to formulate goals for the development of a company that employees can use top-down to guide their actions in everyday life. Accordingly, it is important to communicate the strategy, together with the goals arising from it, to the employees of an organization.  However, management does not always have the necessary resources to define and implement the company’s strategy in addition to its day-to-day work.

That is why HANSE Consulting is there for you!

HANSE Consulting advises holistically – together with us the strategy development succeeds

Our strategy model combines all relevant areas in a holistic process. Our experts have many years of practical experience in many industries, and our in-house market research department quickly provides all the necessary data on the market and competition. Naturally, we involve your company’s employees in every strategy development process so that resistance to the implementation of measures is minimized and the speed of implementation is increased.

Our strategy review includes:

  • Customer evaluation (sales potential, strategic factors, etc.)
  • Market analyses by the HANSE Consulting market research team (potential, trends, competition, customer surveys)
  • Market development strategy per segment / group / customer
  • Acquisition roadmap for sales, incl. follow-up of sales success
  • Analysis of all relevant business segments

Business model analysis

Positioning of the entrepreneurial activity in the value chain


Segmentation of entrepreneurial activity into Strategic Business Fields (SGF)

Revenue analysis

Multi-level DB accounting / management income statement (MER)

The analysis of all relevant business areas is carried out holistically in all segments:

The result of the strategy development is the sharpening / expansion of the profile compared to the competition by creating a target profile for each (target) SGF (strategic business area).

With the jointly created target business area portfolio (opposite), streamlining, focusing, expanding, and developing your business areas is possible.

Target Business Area Portfolio

Your experts for strategy development: Dr. Armin Bratz and Dr. Marcus Engels