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Controlling Projekt

Eisbär Eis GmbH produces ice cream products for trading companies throughout Europe. Founded in 1955 as a regional supplier in Apensen and in 1990 in Ribnitz-Damgarten, EISBÄR Eis today has 600 employees. EISBÄR Eis produces five million ice cream portions daily and has an assortment of 200 different items. HANSE Consulting supports Eisbär Eis in developing a concept to further improve and harmonize the controlling instruments at Eisbär. If you have questions about the controlling project, please have a look at our website under Performance Improvement / Controlling.

The controlling project included the following steps:

  • Inventory and analysis of existing data and data quality of essential existing controlling instruments and IT tools.
  • Together with selected employees of the company at both locations, recording the requirements for the future target concept, taking into account key cost drivers along the value chain.
  • Derivation of an integrated controlling concept that covers the essential requirements.
  • Examination of the possibilities of implementation in existing systems / EDP tools, in particular in the GUS ERP system.

With the controlling tools developed, Eisbär is able to plan production, sales, costs, and liquidity, identify deviations at an early stage and take control measures.

Your contact person at HANSE Consulting for a controlling project: Stefan Kleiner