Vollers Group GmbH – Yield enhancement concept in the logistics industry

Ertragssteigerungskonzept Logistik

Today, VOLLERS Group GmbH is established as an internationally operating logistics company. Around 380 employees supply the international customer base from the warehouse and administrative locations in Bremen, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Trieste, Riga, Tallinn and Moscow. The group consists of a total of 18 companies, which are bundled in Vollers Group GmbH & Co. KG and generated consolidated sales of approximately EUR 70 million p.a.. The result was unsatisfactory at the time of the evaluation. The overriding goal of the consulting project was to develop a concept for increasing earnings. A concept with suitable measures to sustainably secure the company’s existence was to be developed and a going concern forecast was to be provided.

The company is examined in an eight-week analysis and concept phase in accordance with the above objective. The following will be carried out:

  • “Financial position analysis”: Analysis of VOLLERS’ net assets, financial position, and results of operations.
  • Analysis of profit or loss contributions of the individual product/service areas and customers of the company for a better assessment of the individual business segments.
  • Analysis of market and competitive developments in the most important target markets served by VOLLERS.
  • Conducting a personnel structure and personnel cost analysis in the company.
  • “Financial planning”: Transparency is to be created regarding the anticipated future development of sales, earnings, liquidity, and balance sheet.

On the basis of the results, a final assessment of opportunities and risks was made, a going concern forecast was prepared and strategic options for action were drawn up. For Vollers Belgium, a conversion of shareholder loans into equity was planned, which prevented over-indebtedness. The real estate and stock market strategy was analyzed and modified.

Ertragssteigerung Logistik