Business plan and implementation – our result convinces

Ellerbrock bad und küche GmbH had sales in the double-digit millions and less than one hundred employees. At the time of our consulting, a declining gross profit margin was present despite a slight increase in sales. EBT was below the previous year’s level and profitability was highly dependent on the location. A business plan was to be prepared.

The overriding objective of our project was, of course, to improve profitability in the two business units “Bathroom” and “Kitchen”. To this end, a review and evaluation of the strategic positioning of the Group took place. Our in-house market research department made the appropriate contribution to this. This was then followed by the development of comprehensive planning by measures – a business plan was drawn up.

The company was examined in an approx. 6-week analysis and concept phase in accordance with the above objectives with regard to the addition or the existing concept. Strategic recommendations and the corresponding individual measures were developed.

Project result

With the help of the development of a professional competitive strategy, professional purchasing, and adjustments to operational structures in sales and administration, a significant increase in EBT was forecast in the first planning year. The result achieved (EBT) in the first planning year was then even above the planned value and significantly above the expected result without the measures introduced by HANSE Consulting. In addition, it was possible to implement a site closure that improved earnings and the introduction of a private label in the implementation period.

Business Plan

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