Strategy & Market

A Strategy Aligned with the Market

In order to avoid the exitus of the company that might seem inevitable at some point, it is absolutely necessary to stop high expenditures by implementing strict cost measures.

Another major challenge that the restructuring management faces is to reinvigorate the company by developing a solid market strategy in order to secure a sustainable turnaround.

Know Your Goals

The key element of a restructuring concept is always the market strategy.
(„Structure Follows Strategy“):

The market strategy

  • determines strategic business areas and the respective success factors.
  • defines market requirements to which processes, the organizational structure and the management structure need to be aligned.
  • delivers the structure which will allow for a source of earnings analysis.

Professional know-how, profound knowledge of the market, vast experience and vision are among the things needed to develop the right market strategy. Tried-and-true methods and the support of our research team help us to strategically align business areas, in cooperation with internal management.

Implementing a Strategy Consistently in the Operative Day-to-Day Business

When it comes to medium-sized enterprises, strategic developments often greatly depend on intuition and the personality of the entrepreneur or the CEO. If a new strategy is not implemented consistently and the employees are not committed to it, on all company levels, opportunities are lost. Consequently, the efforts made to implement the strategy will be in vain.