Turnaround Management – How to Overcome a Crisis

In need of holistic business consultancy services during a restructuring process? We are here to help.

Our goal is to quickly restore profitability.

Depending on the phase of the crisis and the existing scope of action, we will develop appropriate concepts with all parties involved to guarantee a maximum preservation of wealth and to successfully manage the turnaround.

A Holistic Process Model by HANSE Consulting

The „IDW Standard S 6“, published by the Institut der Wirtschaftsprüfer (IDW), is the general point of reference for restructuring concepts. To the financing banks, complying with this standard is a prerequisite for further involvement during a crisis.

To comply with the core requirements put forward by the IDW S6, HANSE Consulting applies a holistic approach which includes the following elements and project contents:

How do we need to position ourselves in terms of staff and how can we motivate our employees in order to obtain the best  results?


Where do we make profits – and where are we possibly making losses?

How do we need to shape the organisational structure and the processes so that we can provide goods and services quickly, at a low cost and accurately?


Which products are we planning to sell on which markets, against which competitors?