Why Choose HANSE Consulting?

Why Choose HANSE Consulting?

We Provide Practical Solutions

Before they joined HANSE Consulting, our consultants and our partners had already gained many years of experience as line managers in our customer’s segments. That is why we are able to provide practical solutions that can realistically be implemented, instead of just presenting mere theories.

We Provide Holistic Consultancy Services

Our team is made up of qualified business people, engineering managers and engineers. As a result, we are able to cover all parts of a project and control your skilled employees and management personnel efficiently and in a targeted way.

Need to Optimize Your Business Processes? We Have Got You Covered.

When changing processes, we always keep an eye on the effects these changes may have on profits & losses, liquidity and the balance. Since we have worked on over 800 projects, we have an eye for what matters and are able to quickly identify any adjustments that need to be made in order to increase revenue.

We Firmly Believe in Our Concepts.

We will gladly prove it by adequately remunerating a successful implementation.

Global production sites and foreign subsidiaries

We are affiliated with Warth & Klein Grant Thornton. That means that if deemed necessary, we can access the Grant Thornton network and get in touch with experts from all around the globe.

We Will Get to the Heart of the Issue – Even if that Might Be Uncomfortable.
  We Provide Quality Consultancy Services – Just Have a Look at Our References!

Earnings Potential +75 %

„To some degree, most companies are aware of existing potentials to increase earnings – but quite often, only external professionals can uncover substantial additional potentials.“
In most cases,  HANSE Consulting was able to more than double the original earnings potential when conducting a project to increase earnings potential     (> +100 %). In almost all cases, HANSE Consulting was able to increase the potential by more than 75 %.

Implementation time -75 %

„Oftentimes, day-to-day business operations and scarce resources make it impossible to quickly exploit the potentials.“
Senior consultants at HANSE Consulting are able to significantly shorten the period of time that is needed to implement all measures by making use of lean SMART management tools. They can do so without tying up too many ressources from the operative business.