Processes & Structures

Recognizing flaws – stopping expenditures

te6Outdated and inefficient structures and processes account for a large part of the origins of business crises. Within the restructuring plan, individual functional areas of the value-added chain are explored for potential cost reductions and increased efficiency. Here, the focus lies on the Big Points which increase earnings and liquidity noticeably in a short period of time. At the same time, they provide the starting point for necessary changes to organization, management as well as informational and decision-making processes. A fundamental redesign of all processes and the implementation of new IT-Systems can overwhelm companies in crisis and are dangerous while in intermittently unstable processes.

Creation of value without squandering

Using value stream analysis, the production area can be explored towards increased efficiency and waste of resources. The company receives an overview over the movement in value from supplier to customer.

A Process Value Analysis (PVA) identifies the flaws of the managerial areas, recognizes performance reserves and develops measures for optimization.

Purchase has a special function in the value-added chain and influences all parts of the company. Strategic procurement processes can only be set in motion if purchase, technology and quality management work together and potential sources of ideas (e.g. suppliers) are not ignored. At the same time, this is the basis of an optimal proportion of cost, quality and inventory.

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