Immediate measures

Immediate measures and communication – taking action, immediately and transparently

te2Once the crisis is recognized, one must be wary of „open lockings“ and „icebergs“ that are threatening the existence of the company in the short run and can be avoided and contained independently from the overall solution of the crisis and the restructuring plan.

The targeted initiation of immediate measures as well as the secure control of striking communication requires decisiveness, determination and appropriate distance. Using HANSE Consulting as a neutral third party encourages an objective and goal-oriented handling of the situation.

Important immediate measures in the crisis

  • Securing and/or raising the line of credit
  • Leasing instead of buying
  • Sale-and-Lease-Back
  • Identification and rectification of insolvency risks
  • Stand-still-agreements with banks and suppliers as well as commercial credit insurers
  • Stop of non-essential expenses
  • Collect and secure claims faster
  • Factoring
  • Call for government assistance

Goal oriented communication in the crisis

None or non-effective communication provokes speculation and gossip. This can result in panic reactions and diminished loyalty from external as well as internal participants. Goal-oriented communication serves to invoke trust and inhibits tensions. The main attention of the management should be steadily focused on keeping regulatory laws and contracts as the foundation of crisis management – in addition, an overview should be kept and transparency should be ensured.

Download of further information – in German only

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