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SMART Project and Implementation Management

Day-to-day business and a lack of resources frequently hinder a timely and ongoing execution of relevant projects. The SMART Project Management Program, a tool tested for more than 15 years, is available for implementing and directing change projects.

Implement Changes SMART

The starting point for the SMART management system is to record all current projects including managers in charge, project plans and scheduled results or those already achieved. This is followed by a presentation of all additional essential projects together with their objectives and scheduled effects on personnel, output, expenses and liquidity.

In the prioritization phase, projects are selected on the basis of their absolute earnings and liquidity effects and their terms are allocated respectively, assigning the corresponding level of priority.

The successful implementation of individual projects is ensured by realistic planning. Inter alia, this planning includes the limited capacities of the normally few existing main performers, a clear and conclusive specification of objectives, realistic starting, intermediate and termination deadlines and it indicates clear and conclusive responsibilities to the project managers.



With the establishment of a Steering Committee and the appointment of an (external) project controller, an ongoing budget/comparison of the results actually achieved with the results as originally planned is assured. The two institutions referred to above also make a significant contribution to a more effective implementation control with regulated information and decision-making paths. Moreover, they ensure the documentation of decisions and results as well as the structured administration of relevant data.