Marketing & Sales

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Three steps to a long-lasting increase in sales performance

Customer and buying behavior has changed significantly in times of increasing and intense competition. Today, several factors are to a large extent critical for successful product sales:

  • market positioning of the own company
  • price and quality features by means of technology or production leadership
  • existing certifications/documentary credits
  • distribution and logistics aspects
  • targeted customer communication.

For a prolonged improvement in sales performance, HANSE Consulting has developed a three-stage approach model.

1) Analysis of sales measures based on the origin and development of earnings:

In a first step an analysis to evaluate origin and development of earnings is conducted. This is an important requirement to define all further sales performance measures. It will create transparency in regards to the company’s customers, products, markets, sales channels and production units/branch operations as well as origin of earnings. As a result, it is possible to identify earnings developments and trends and to obtain selected measures to increase the level of earnings for each operation and product sector.

Immediate measures:

  • A program increasing marginal contributions – selective price increases
  • Deleting low-profit products and customers from the product range
  • Forcing sales activities and giving priority to production capacities for profitable products and customers

2) Strategy and sales planning by focused market cultivation

In the second phase strategic and implementation planning with focus on the most profitable market segments will follow. The key in this process is to identify the most profitable target sectors and to identify the target customers for each sector systematically.

The current attractiveness of one’s own company is analyzed for each target sector by defining the company’s position in the target markets and corresponding „investment activities“ which result in an improvement of the own position.

The concept of a systematic acquisition is customer-specific using the “Success Platform” acquisition tool to be able to control all individual activities and to take all relevant marketing and communication aspects into account.

3) Implementation with focus on customer loyalty and acquisition

The implementation of activities and specific measures is in the centre of activities in the third phase. It is focused on retaining profitable customers in the long run – and acquiring new customers. Our SMART implementation management tool is designed for this purpose. On the customer and market level we apply our “Success Platform” and “CRM Tool“, which both support and document acquisition progress on a sustained and timely basis together with the accompanying communication measures.