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Profit-oriented operational controlling

Successful companies combine classical controlling instruments such as profit contribution-oriented earnings statements, financial, P&L and balance sheet planning with target-oriented key figure systems such as the Balanced Scorecard.

Controlling not only on corporate level

The main objective of integrated profit-oriented controlling is first of all, the establishment of the greatest possible transparency with regard to the ACTUAL figures. The monthly operational analyses and income statements available in many companies only create transparency on a corporate level.

For the success evaluation of customer groups, products and operational sectors there is frequently a lack of corresponding controlling instruments. HANSE Consulting has developed a whole range of controlling tools which make this transparency available regardless of the ERP system involved. Subsequently, an integrated P&L, balance sheet and cash planning is feasible on the basis of the sales and production forecast.

The Balanced Scorecard


The Balanced Scorecard

The Balanced Scorecard analyses the strategic objectives and quantifiable target factors for the responsible employees. Clearly defined key ratios form the basis to quantify the level of success. If key ratios indicate the need for action, the derived measures can be controlled and verified concerning their effectiveness with the help of the SMART Projectmanagement system developed by HANSE Consulting.