Planning plausibility in industrial companies – Mechanical and plant engineering – Piller Blowers & Compressors GmbH

Planungsplausibilisierung Industrie

The Piller Group comprises six companies and generates total sales of just under EUR 80 million in 2019. The economic development of two of the Group’s companies was significantly worse than planned in the period under review. Due to the high investments made in a new administration building and the establishment of a production site, with a simultaneous sharp increase in external financing, key figures such as the gearing ratio developed worse than planned. At the same time, the Group planned strong improvements in earnings in the following fiscal years. The objective of the consulting project was to check the plausibility of the corporate planning over several fiscal years for the entire Piller Group.

As part of the contract, an analysis of the economic development of the Group companies and the preparation of the preliminary annual financial statements of all Group companies to form preliminary consolidated financial statements were to be carried out as a basis for checking the plausibility of the planning. Consequently, the project implementation included the consolidation of the planning accounts of the individual companies into a group planning as well as their representation in an integrated planning system (P&L, balance sheet, liquidity and guarantee planning). This was carried out by HANSE Consulting in coordination with Piller Blowers & Compressors. Furthermore, planning calculations were to be presented on a monthly basis for the following year, and then on an annual basis for further years. In addition, a successful handover (including training) of the HANSE tools for the integrated planning calculation, concerning the entire group and the respective individual companies, took place.

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Your contact person for planning plausibility in the mechanical and plant engineering industry at HANSE Consulting is:
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