Company Quick Check brings transparency – berschneider Fleischspezialitäten-Produktion GmbH

Quick Check

Berschneider generated total sales of EUR 27 million in the project year. Although the company had been consistently generating annual surpluses for a long time, the operational earnings situation was not satisfactory from the management’s point of view. In the HANSE Consulting Company Quick Check, the transparency of the company’s situation was to be increased and an inventory of the current economic and financial situation was to be made.

In addition, of course, there was a rough review of all essential company processes with the aim of improving berschneider’s competitiveness and earning power.

The project was carried out in an analysis and concept phase of about 4 to 5 weeks according to the above objectives.

Results of the HANSE Consulting Quick Check

The results of the project included an economic status analysis and an assessment of the commercial management instruments as well as earnings and liquidity planning over several years. The transparency now created enabled the management to make decisions that ensured the continued existence and success of the company. The strategy was improved by optimizing processes and implementing efficient control.

Your HANSE Consulting contact: Andreas Lau