Remediation expertise and implementation – EUR 8 million improvement in earnings

Sanierungsgutachten Umsetzung

The Behr Group consists of various legally independent companies (manufacturing, service, and trading companies) with total sales of around 150 million euros.

In the years prior to our assignment, the liquidity situation was tight. The main causes were a failed implementation of the European expansion and a sharp drop in prices for the important core crops.

Our task is to develop suitable measures for the sustainable protection of the company’s existence:

  • Assessment of the key corporate processes along the value chain that determine success.
  • Plausibility check of the action plan developed by BEHR.
  • On this basis, further development of the strategic concept and development of the future target profile.

In an 8-week analysis and concept phase, the company was examined in accordance with the above objectives and strategic recommendations, and the associated individual measures were developed.

Successes of the remediation report and the implementation of the measures

  • The majority of the measures contained in the restructuring report in the areas of strategy, purchasing and production, logistics and human resources were successfully implemented and led to an overall improvement in earnings of a good EUR 8 million in the year following the analysis.
  • The development of management tools in the areas of accounting and controlling took place and was further refined in the following years.
  • Gradual introduction of a new merchandise management system
  • Professionalization of sales structures

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