HANSE-Philosophy: Ensuring long-term success

Keep up with the times and time won’t pass you by.

In order to ensure the long-term success of a particular business it is necessary to adjust the strategic orientation as well as the organizational and operational structure to changing conditions of the market and relevant competition.

The essential further development of businesses in a dynamic market environment has to be conceived and implemented parallel to daily business routine.

Stay up-to-date by using external, objective knowledge.

In addition to their methodical and specialized business management knowledge, what speaks in favor of business consultants is the fact that they are able to develop projects far more efficiently than internal employees: they are undisturbed by day-to-day business matters and problems. Furthermore, their results and proposals are frequently accepted as being “more objective”.

HANSE Consulting offers comprehensive, individual implementation-oriented solutions.

We offer the necessary consultancy and management services for a more profitable development of your business in the future. HANSE Consulting`s employees are professionals who are in permanent contact with the latest and relevant developments. As a strictly client-oriented service company, we do not provide you with “off-the-shelf” solutions but develop programs of measures which are geared to your specific business and its requirements.

Professionalism, quality and individuality are strengths of the HANSE Consulting project teams. Our services may be utilized in the form of turn-around management, holistically or modularly as an individual specific program. Together with you we develop practical and immediately implementable improvement on-site measures for you.

We offer proven success in the implementation process.

In addition to developing concepts on greater profitability and flexibility, our range of services particularly stresses the concept of implementation management – we are thereby able to ensure the success of the proposed measures in question. Upon request, this is guaranteed by a performance related fee.