Efficient liquidity planning as part of overall integrated planning – by professionals for professionals

Your liquidity is good. But uncertainties about business and liquidity development have also increased for you. Now you want to see more transparently whether and how you can better manage your liquidity so that you can keep a grip on the development of your finances. This is where the expertise of HANSE Consulting and Warth & Klein Grant Thornton, as well as Infor’s liquidity planning tool, come in.

Every business manager knows that sufficient liquidity is essential for business development. In addition, legislation concerning the liquidity of limited liability companies has been changed. Since 01.01.2021, the duties of the representative bodies of legal entities as well as their advisors have been newly codified by the SanInsFoG (Act on the Further Development of Reorganization and Insolvency Law) in §§ 15a and 15b InsO. In the worst case of a possible future insolvency, the proof that there was no (imminent) insolvency would become retroactively even more important. The following applies: The tighter the liquidity, the shorter the intervals for updating liquidity planning.

HANSE Consulting and Warth & Klein Grant Thornton provide the appropriate expertise to examine and subsequently ensure your company’s liquidity. Infor offers Infor d/EPM, a comprehensive solution for financial reporting, target/actual analyses, planning, forecasts, benchmarking, scenarios, what-if simulation, and legal consolidation. In other words, all the components needed in finance and controlling.

On June 22nd, the speakers mentioned below held a joint seminar on the topic of liquidity planning – you can find the webcast here.

Below you will find information about our experts and speakers from HANSE Consulting, Warth & Klein Grant Thornton and Infor.

Dr. Thomas Zubke – von Thünen
HANSE Consulting Gruppe
Dr. Thomas Zubke – von Thünen is a partner of the HANSE Consulting Group and works in the areas of turnaround and revenue enhancement as well as an interim manager. He is responsible for managing turnaround and revenue enhancement projects and has market responsibility for Northern Germany. He has more than 25 years of experience in consulting and management of medium-sized companies

Dr. Armin Bratz
HANSE Consulting Gruppe
Dr. Armin Bratz is a partner of the HANSE Consulting Group and is active in the areas of restructuring and revenue enhancement as well as in interim management. He leads restructuring and revenue enhancement projects and is responsible for the Competence Center organization, where our consulting and professional competencies are further developed. He has around 23 years of experience in consulting and in project and interim management of medium-sized companies and is a trainer for innovation.

Christian Knake
Warth & Klein Grant Thornton
Christian Knake has been a member of the Advisory division management since May 2020, where he works in the Governance, Risk, Compliance & Technology service line. He is also responsible for the Business Risk Services and Forensic and Investigations service lines. Mr. Knake has more than 16 years of professional experience in auditing, legal and management consulting.

Dr. Christoph Röhrle
Sr. Director Solution Consulting, Global Industries Lead
Dr. Christoph Röhrle, Senior Director Solution Consulting EMEA and Global Industry Lead, has been an expert in performance management, business intelligence and digitalization for more than 30 years. Today, he is also responsible for the areas of Expense Management, Governance, Risk and Compliance solutions and supports all sales activities with his experience, always focusing on added value for the customer in terms of value engineering. 

Bernhard Rummich
Principal Solution Consultant
Bernhard Rummich started working for Infor, then MIS Austria GmbH, at the beginning of 2000. Initially working as a consultant and trainer for management information systems, he is now a solution consultant for enterprise performance management, expense management and risk & compliance solutions. His focus is on the professional and technical support of customers and prospects.